Dress Code

Harold Washington Elementary School is committed to improving student achievement and every aspect of student learning. We recognize the importance of appropriate dress and its impact on the learning environment. It is an import part of the students’ learning experience to come to school ready to learn and do their best! Wearing the school uniform which is navy blue pants and powder blue, navy or white collared shirt, sets the stage for success. In addition students should have navy blue ties and solid black shoes.
Please make sure that your student attends school on time daily and dressed to do their best.
Navy Tie
Powder Blue, Navy, or White Shirt (Although students can wear white shirts, it is highly encouraged to purchase powder blue or navy)
Navy Pants and Skirts
Black Shoes
Dress Code violations will be treated as discipline infractions. Dress Code violations will be logged in Student Logger. Parents will be called to bring the student the appropriate school uniform.
"Pacing for Excellence"