COVID Pre-K - 8 Work Packets

Remote Learning March 30 Packets

On March 30, CPS announced a Pre-K–12 remote learning plan as part of our response to the COVID-19 public health emergency. While this plan will not replace the classroom learning experience or completely bridge the digital divide that exists in our city, it is a full-throttle effort from the district to empower our educators and provide them with the resources they need to engage students in high-quality learning opportunities while schools are closed.

This plan is not a one-size-fits-all approach—every school community is different, and each school will be notifying families of their plans by April 6, and in alignment with new guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education. Remote learning will begin Monday, April 13 and remain in place until schools reopen—which is currently scheduled for Friday, May 1. However, should the need arise, we designed our remote learning plan to support our students’ academic progress if the closure is extended further.

Remote learning will only improve a student’s academic standing.

Students will be offered both digital and non-digital learning options, as well as dedicated “office hours,” where students and families can receive support from teachers via Google Meet, phone, or email. While students are expected to complete assignments and schools are able to grade work, grades will be counted only if they improve a student’s grade and will not negatively impact any student’s academic standing. Students who do not engage in academic work can be issued an incomplete and will be expected to make up incomplete assignments following the remote learning period.

The district will be distributing more than 100,000 devices to narrow the digital divide.

We recognize that a significant digital divide exists in our city and throughout the country, and schools will ensure that families who lack access to technology can utilize printed materials that will be created by the district. And while we are taking steps to help ensure instructional resources exist in a variety of formats, we are also taking seriously our responsibility to help narrow that digital divide. Utilizing socioeconomic data and hardship indicators, and working in close collaboration with our school principals, the district will be distributing more than 100,000 devices to families in the weeks ahead to ensure our students have significantly more access to electronic learning resources.

Remote Learning Guidance for Parents

Enrichment Learning Resources

CPS prepared educational enrichment activities to support student learning while schools are closed due to COVID-19. The packets include a range of activities that students can work on independently or with help from an adult.

  • Independent Projects
    • These projects cover a range of different topics and skills. They may be spread out over multiple days.
  • Enrichment Activities
    • These activities are organized into Read, Write, Move, Design, and Solve categories so you can engage with your child in many different ways while at home.
    • Some of these options are digital and require Internet access.

Students may work through these resources over multiple days and in any order. If you are unable to print these materials or use them digitally, you can go to any school-based food distribution site and pick up a printed packet.

Download your child’s grade level packet below:

March 30 Resource Packets

March 16 Resource Packets

Additionally, below please see other helpful resources.

Each school has been invited to augment and supplement the materials provided here. Be sure to contact your child’s teacher to learn of additional resources.